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Piano Tuning


Steve Wild, proprietor of both Martin Phelps Music and South End Music School in Croydon, is delighted to be offering his services as a qualified Piano Tuner and Technician. Having spent over 28 years within the music industry as a retailer, education provider and instrument repairer, Steve received specialised training from the UK’s most respected Piano Technology School, and is well equipped to offer a range of services from routine tuning, including a whole host of 'at home' repairs including regulation... 

Covering a wide post code area, Steve offers a prompt and professional service, and utilises the very latest in fully integrated technology and highly accurate tuning techniques currently available. 

Piano Tuning

Brief Menu of Services

Standard Piano Tuning

(1.5 - 2+ hours)


This service entails tuning a piano that has been regularly tuned at least annually (preferably every 6 months!.) I will ensure that the piano is left at concert pitch and will discuss any minor repairs that will be required at the time of first contact to establish the condition of your instrument and to ensure that the necessary parts and equipment are available.

In order to maintain your piano in a healthy state of tune, I recommend a regular tuning schedule of 2 visits per annum.

** Mileage Charges Apply - Please ask for details

Pitch Raise and Fine Tune 


The correct pitch for your piano is A440hz or “concert pitch” as it is more commonly known. 

If the piano has not been tuned for many years, it will of course go out of tune with a resultant drop in pitch. Unsuitable environments and climates can also dramatically affect the state of tune of an instrument.  Even if the piano has been tuned regularly, it may well have only been fine tuned and because of that the overall pitch has gradually reduced over the years potentially resulting in a semitone drop or more below the optimum.  If this is the case, it will require a 'pitch raise adjustment' which essentially requires the instrument to be tuned twice, as such this will take somewhat longer to achieve. In some cases, for an instrument that has not been tuned for many years and has had a significant 'workout' to raise the pitch, a second visit within a few days will be necessary to carry out a fine tune, this is to allow for the piano to settle and adjust to the increase in tension across the instrument. (This will always be discussed with a client before commencement, however this is not always necessary and a fine tune can often be carried out immediately after a pitch raise if the drop is not too significant). It is interesting to note that the pitch adjustment process is like a “workout” for your piano, and the difference in the sound of the instrument is significantly improved.  A discussion will need to take place for pianos that were manufactured before 1940, as sometimes it may not be the right decision to adjust the pitch significantly for older, more delicate pianos.

** Mileage Charges Apply - Please ask for details

Standard Call Out Fee


There are occasions when a description given by the client during an initial phone consultation does not match the condition of the piano in question. 

Usually, images or videos will be requested to establish the suitability of an instrument for tuning. However if time and money have been spent to visit a client and the instrument has been clearly misdescribed and a tuning cannot be undertaken, then a call out charge will apply. In most cases, and despite this, every effort will be made to complete a tuning or repair; if this is not possible an assessment report will be given on the instrument.

For quotations on other services including a wide menu of on-site repairs and regulation, please contact me for more information 


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