Guitar Repairs - Electrical & Wiring


Crackling or scratchy volume and tone pots? Intermittent switches and input jacks? Sound familiar? The majority of these woes can be corrected with a standard ‘clean and check’ of the guitars electrics. All components are thoroughly cleaned, tightened or lubricated. Minor soldering work can be included as necessary. If any parts are faulty and beyond repair they are replaced with solid, high spec. replacement components.

  • To Clean and Check electrics (as above) – up to £40.00 
  • To swap/fit Electric Guitar Pickup – from £20.00 per unit
  • To rewire electric guitar – from £40.00 for simple configurations or from £65.00 for standard (Strat, Les Paul etc.)
  • To Fit Acoustic Guitar ‘Under-Saddle’ Pickup (minus external control unit) from £40.00 Excl. Parts
  • Replace jack socket (Quality Switchcraft item) from £12.50 Incl. Parts
  • Volume/Tone Pot replacement (Quality CTS parts only) - From £17.00 each
  • Fault Diagnosis - £40.00 per hour

ALL Prices quoted include VAT @ 20%

As with many jobs, our repair charge can vary largely according to the configuration of the instrument and whether parts are required. The prices above represent a rough example of what these jobs may cost.

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