Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I change my Guitar strings?

This largely depends upon a number of factors; How often the guitar is played, the environment which it is used and also believe it or not, the acidity (pH Level) of your fingers!.. As a general rule, frequent (i.e, daily use) players should think about changing their strings every few months and those less frequent players anything up to four months, again depending on a number of factors which can of course vary. If you're unsure, drop in with your guitar and we can tell you. A re-string and throrough clean costs just £22.00 including strings.

There's an annoying rattle coming from my guitar when I play it, what could be wrong?

A very common problem that is, thankfully often easily remedied by some minor (and sometimes, more major...) adjustments. Rattling (or fret buzz) often occurs because of a misadjustment with the 'action' of the guitar (The distance between the strings and the frets) and there are a number of reasons, one or all that can contribute to this happening. But, don't worry, we sort problems like this on a daily basis, and sometimes it's so simple that it can be adjusted whilst you wait..Pop it in for us to take a look at and we can quote you. 

Do you charge to take a look at my guitar to see what needs repairing?

In short, NO! We don't charge to assess the work before booking in for repair. When we appraise a guitar with a view to a repair, we always advise what is needed and can go into as much detail as is required before proceeding. You are welcome to come in for a free appraisal and return at a later date when your schedule allows.

My electric guitar keeps cutting out when I'm playing. Any ideas?

Yes, a few! Most likely culprit for signal loss is due to a loose input jack socket, faulty wiring to the jack or an issue with a pickup selector switch. Easily fixed with a dob of solder in most cases! There are of course other causes which can require more investigation, but in 80% of cases it's always the above. 

Do you repair Violins?

We do minor repairs to violins and other stringed instruments such as Cello and Viola, and these are mainly limited to re-stringing and replacing broken hardware components. We do tackle the occasional neck break as well. We do not offer a bow re-hair service or sound post setup, so we would need to refer you to a classical string specialist for this work as this is outside of our skill set. Of course, do feel free to contact us or call in for a chat about your requirements..

My guitar goes out of tune quickly. What could be causing this to happen?

Firstly, we would ask the question, is it one or all of the strings going out of tune??

In the majority of cases it's down to old guitar strings! As with all types of guitars, 90% of the time it'll be down to this, and a simple re-string (We offer this service from just £22.00 including strings..) will sort the problem. Checking and routinely replacing the strings is the first port of call when trying to diagnose this problem. Other reasons can be incorrectly fitted strings (we've seen some REAL horror stories..!) and the general set up of the guitar that can upset the tuning stability. Rarely is it the fault of the tuning machine heads as these are generally geared and don't slip, BUT it can be the cause.. As with all guitar related issues, it's never clever to assume what's at fault and we can only refer to our own experiences, but these are the most likely causes! 

More FAQ's to follow soon!....