Why Buy From Us?

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Martin Phelps Music - Established over 21 years now, is located within the popular and attractive restaurant quarter of South End, Croydon

and has been proudly serving the musical needs of the local community and surrounding areas since 1995. 

Similarly, its sister company South End Music School, has helped thousands of individuals over the same period to achieve their musical aspirations

through a team of fourteen excellent tutors..

We are proud to be a local shop..

We believe in the importance of people seeing musical instruments up close and where they can get expert advice on hand if required. This is why it is extremely sad for both the 'high street' and the music industry that many local music shops have closed across the country in the past few years. We are passionate about music and committed to the importance of offering a chance for consumers to see and even try musical instruments.  We also truly believe we can offer far more to our customers than online only retailers.


  • Free advice – Whether you’re a complete novice or a more experienced musician we can help find the perfect instrument for your needs. Our experienced staff will provide you honest advice.
  • Pricing Policy – We constantly strive to provide the very best competitive prices, and actively compete with the ‘big boys’ of our industry, whilst also offering the addition of a personal service. You will always pay exactly the same whether in our store or through our online store, guaranteed..
  • We only sell tried and tested products – We are passionate musicians ourselves and we only stock instruments that we believe have a good balance between value and quality.
  • Added Value - We offer free set-ups (See our unique maintenance warranty) on guitars purchased both in store AND through our online store, and on many of our digital pianos we’ll put it together and even deliver it for free, exactly where you want it in your home (local postcodes only)
  • We offer a minimum one year maintenance warranty on all our guitar and stringed instruments.. (including USED) – In the rare occurence that your product becomes faulty, you can easily return it to our shop. Digital Pianos come supplied with an on-site parts/labour warranty, in some cases up to 5 years.  We also offer repairs for many out of warranty instruments.
  • Our shop staff are hands on with the products we sell everyday – This means that we can help you with any questions you have about the instruments you have bought from us, whether it was a couple of weeks ago or even a couple of years.


It's important to try musical instruments before you buy -
We offer free advice, and you can have a go!

Keep supporting your local shops or they'll disappear… In the future you won't be able to see and touch products on your high street. We know that it can be difficult to get to the shops during opening hours. This is why we’ve put a lot of effort into building this brand new website, so you can browse and buy in the comfort of your own home, and in your own time. 

You can “click and collect’ from our store for most items, and get all the convenience of the online experience and in store service combined, or we’ll send it to your front door! But, when you do have a chance, do come and visit us and we'll promise you'll be inspired by seeing the vast array of musical instruments and accessories. 

** The Martin Phelps Music Maintenance Warranty **

Another important element of our business is to make sure that we can fully support the products we sell…

When buying a guitar………

Please do not assume that because it’s new (or even secondhand) that it’s perfect and ready to go…….

Ask most customers what inspires them to buy a particular guitar and if they’re honest they’ll admit that the look plays a huge part in their decision.
Be it a guitar played by a particular guitar hero of theirs or simply the colour of the instrument that sparks their interest. In many cases the look is just as important as the sound and feel of the instrument.

In reality of course the sound and feel should be the much more important deciding factors. So far so what?
Well, if you pay your hard earned money for your dream guitar but discover it plays like a real dog due to a high action (the action refers to the distance of the strings from the frets) or suffers from a general lack of adjustment, is it still the right guitar for you?

The truth is that it could still be a perfectly good guitar but lacks the attention to detail that a final ‘set-up’ can offer.

For those of you not in the know, a ‘set-up’ consists of the sometimes minor, sometimes extensive tweaks and adjustments that influence the overall playability and feel of an instrument.

These adjustments can include:

  • Setting the truss-rod/neck relief….
  • Cutting the nut slots to the correct shape, size and height….
  • Shaping and polishing the fret ends and dressing (levelling and profiling) the frets…
  • Setting the action and bridge saddle heights to suit….
  • Setting the intonation….
  • Correct pickup height adjustment….

Without these adjustments even a £2,000 guitar can feel cheap and unplayable.

Since the advent of online retailing, the consumer has been given two options in how to make their purchase – ‘In Store’ or ‘Online’.
The temptation to buy a guitar unseen because of a discounted price tag is huge and for many the end result is disappointment.

At Martin Phelps Music, EVERY guitar we sell in store AND online comes complete with our own unique set-up and maintenance guarantee (featuring all the adjustments as mentioned above) in addition to any warranties offered by the manufacturer.
We offer this service completely FREE of charge for a minimum 12 month period when purchased online, and for in store purchases up to 2 years* (*2 year warranty applies to in-store ONLY purchases of guitar/string instrument purchases made above £100.00 in value). Without a warranty such as ours, you could expect to pay up to £100 to have a guitar set-up to your requirements after purchase. Instruments purchased through our online store are fully inspected either by us or our supplier partners prior to despatch and feature the same warranty as if purchased in store. Our In-Store Luthiers take care of all post-sale warranty setups, repairs and maintenance at our on site workshop and do not farm out this work to third parties. This ensures tighter quality control. We acknowledge that online purchasers may think they will not be able to take full advantage of this aspect of our warranty, but if the item is returned to us and collected at the purchasers own cost, (we can arrange this) we will be happy to attend to any set-up work and maintenance completely free of charge and with a fast turnaround.  Of course, you are most welcome to bring in your instrument in person for this service to be carried out. If you are travelling a distance to see us for this work, it can be done (by prior arrangement) whilst you wait. Otherwise, warranty setup work can take a few days depending in our current workshop commitments.

Our unique warranty covers parts and labour in all cases where defects in manufacturers components have occurred through normal usage. Claims cannot be made using this warranty where accidental damage,modifications (customising) or mistreatment has resulted in a fault occurring. (See our T's & C's section at the footer of this page)

For you the customer, we do believe that this means genuine peace of mind.

When we say ‘if you have any problems please just let us know’ – We actually mean it.