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Our resident Luthiers Joe Black and Steve Wild run the Guitar Repair Workshop at Martin Phelps Music.

Highly experienced in the industry, our repairers have an enviable reputation for accurate, clean work, making their expertise much in demand.
Our mission is a simple one – To offer a professional service for every musician from the absolute beginner to the busiest of pro musicians. We specialize in fret and set-up work, customising standard instruments and restoration of vintage or damaged instruments. In fact everything from a simple re-string to a full overhaul is undertaken.


We offer a ‘collection and delivery’ service to schools and colleges in the local area for instrument repair.
We are certain that those music department staff members will appreciate the convenience of this service, which is entirely FREE to establishments where accumulated repair costs exceed £100.00 inc. VAT.
For lesser-cost items, we do charge a flat fee of £15.00 – Although this does include collection and delivery.
Repairs are treated as ‘priority’, and as such are generally turned around within one week or sooner (depending on parts availability) and are returned with a report describing the fault diagnosed and rectified.
Upon delivery, we provide an invoice, of which our terms are 30 days NETT.

Please call Joe Black or Steve Wild on 020 8680 9747 for further information or email us:

The Menu:

Standard Set-Up

Every instrument needs a set-up of some sort in its lifetime. Regular set-ups and maintenance will actually prolong the life of your beloved instrument. Whether it requires work to improve its ‘out-of-the box’ feel or needs more extensive adjustment to suit your specific playing needs, dramatic improvements are possible with a standard set-up. This standard set-up includes.

  • Truss rod adjustment
  • Frets cleaned and polished – fret ends rounded and smoothed if needed
  • Fingerboard nut slots cutting and adjustment
  • Pick-up and pole piece height adjustment
  • String playing height/action set to suit
  • Intonation setting.
  • The guitar will be setup with your preferred gauge of strings to ensure tuning stability and consistency.
Standard electric and acoustic instruments- from £65.00 plus strings (setups for Guitars fitted with a Locking Tremolo are priced from £75.00 plus strings)

Fret Dress and Set-Up:

If your guitar suffers from ‘fret buzz’ or string rattle which compromises your tone or desired action setting (or there is significant wear in the frets) then your guitar requires a fret dress. This is the preferred job for most (even brand new) guitars and allows us to set any action that you can play to. This job includes:

  • Initial leveling of the frets to remove any wear or uneven fret height
  • The frets are then re-crowned (profiled), smoothed and polished
  • The guitar is then set-up as above.

All standard electric and acoustic instruments- from £95.00 plus strings 
Bass & Locking Tremolo equipped instruments- from £105.00 plus strings.


The majority of customers enquiring about re-frets however, are relieved to discover that a simple fret dress will solve their problems however, these are the three main reasons why a regret may be require:

  1. The existing frets are worn to the point where there is no longer enough fret to successfully level and re-profile during a fret dress.
  2. The fingerboard is twisted and or the truss rod can no longer adjust the neck to the correct shape. This often happens if a neck is not adjusted for many years and the wood finds its own either too convex or concave shape. In this instance, the frets are removed and the fingerboard is planed level and new frets are then installed. The process is the same if the fingerboard requires some repair, modification or a new radius.
  3. The customer simply requires bigger, taller or wider frets. A huge selection of fret wire is available – please call or email if you have specific requirements.
  • From £180.00 plus strings on non-bound fingerboard.
  • From £220.00 for bound fingerboards. – Some refinishing may also be necessary on maple/lacquered fingerboards. We will be happy to discuss any requirements you may have.
  • To re-lacquer Maple fingerboard after Re-fret – from £70.00.

* Almost all re-fretted guitars also require a new top-nut to be made and fitted which will normally add £45.00 to the cost of the job.


Crackling or scratchy volume and tone pots? Intermittent switches and input jacks? Sound familiar? The majority of these woes can be corrected with a standard ‘clean and check’ of the guitars electrics. All components are thoroughly cleaned, tightened or lubricated. Minor soldering work can be included as necessary. If any parts are faulty and beyond repair they are replaced with solid, high spec. replacement components.

  • To Clean and Check electrics (as above) – up to £40.00
  • To swap/fit Electric Guitar Pickup – from £20.00 per unit
  • To rewire electric guitar – from £40.00 for simple configurations or from £65.00 for standard (Strat, Les Paul etc.)
  • To Fit Acoustic Guitar ‘Under-Saddle’ Pickup (minus external control unit) £40.00 Excl. Parts

As with many jobs, the electronic repair prices can vary largely according to the configuration of the instrument and whether parts are required. The prices above represent a rough example of what these jobs may cost.

All electronic repair jobs are quoted individually.

Replacement Top Nuts and Bridge Saddles

Often over-looked but crucial to your guitar’s performance. We generally use solid bone for acoustic guitar nuts and saddles, hand carved and finished to fit each individual guitar. For electric guitars, a wide range of replacement saddles or bridges is also available.

  1. £45.00 for bone nuts when fitted at with a set-up, (OR £60.00 without set-up)
  2. £25.00 for acoustic/classical bone saddles if fitted with a set-up (OR £35.00 without set-up)
  3. To shim nut (if required as part of a set-up) £10.00

We can also supply and fit Plastic (Ideal for cheaper, entry-level instruments where Bone is not necessary. Plastic is far cheaper.) or Graphite Nut material if required. Please enquire for more details.

General/Specialist Repairs and Modifications

Broken headstock and neck repairs, finish touch ups, lifting bridges and a range of other specialist repairs and modifications can be undertaken. Even if you don’t think it’s salvageable there is often something that can be done. Just give us a call or bring the instrument in and we’ll tell you what we can do. All non-standard repairs are quoted individually according to your instrument’s needs.


Please call Joe Black or Steve Wild on: 020 8680 9747, or email: to discuss your requirements or email if you have any questions and would like a FREE no obligation quote.

Written repair quotes for insurance claims also carried out – Please Enquire.