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Fender & Squier

The iconic Electric Guitar brand, responsible for the shape of popular music as we know it.

Crafter Guitars

Great quality Acoustic Guitars and Electro-Acoustics for beginners to professionals.

Faith Guitars

Professional quality Acoustic Guitars for a mid-range price - designed by the UK's Patrick James Eggle.

Kawai Digital Pianos

Top quality Pianos for students and professionals.

Casio Digital Pianos

Ideal beginner's Digital Pianos, Keyboards and professional instruments.

JHS Distribution

Vintage Guitars, Danelectro, Laka Ukuleles, Fret-King Guitars, Italia and countless parts and accessories.

Cort Guitars

Fine Electric and Acoustic Guitars - one of the largest guitar manufacturers in the world.


The best student violins and string instruments on the market - recommended by teachers.

Laney Amplifiers

Professional and affordable amp maker, designed in the UK, Laney also make great beginner's amps.

Ibanez Guitars

Long standing and Iconic Far-Eastern Guitar maker, from beautifully crafted Jazz guitars to legendary Heavy Metal guitars.

Seagull Guitars

Beautiful Canadian made Acoustics, great gigging guitars.

James Neligan

Exceptional and affordable solid-topped Acoustic Guitars.

Stagg Music

Ideal Entry Level Instruments and professional accessories.

Ernie Ball

The UK's most popular Electric Guitar Strings, and top end Electric Guitar maker.

D'Addario Strings

High-Quality strings and accessories, recommended by teachers and professionals.

Vox Amps

The Original and Legendary British Guitar Amp.